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I picked up an edition of Allure magazine and read an article by Jerome Yaovi Onipede. It was enlightening and quite educative. This is an excerpt from the article:

When siblings come on behalf of their sister, they say: “Jerome, I have this sister who is not married. I believe her problem is that she doesn’t go out. So, I want you to help us match-make her with a good guy.”

My reply is always: “What she needs right now is not match-making but to hang out a bit and be in the midst of people in a relaxed way. When she has gotten used to people, she can then get used to relating freely in a marital relationship.”

People who don’t go out or have friends can get married and have a lot of them. But you find a lot of abuse in such marriages and such women are taken for granted a lot by their husbands.

Dangers of Being a Woman Who Doesn’t Go Out

Like Jerome rightly pointed out, two of the downsides of being constantly indoors as a woman is the possibility of ending up in an abusive marriage and being taken for granted. Although unproven, it is believed women who stay indoors are not as exposed as their counterparts who spend a considerable amount of time outside interacting with people, hence their being taken for granted.

Health-wise, constantly being couped-up indoors is believed to be hazardous to your health. This issue, tagged Nature Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle, is believed to be a risk factor of major health issue like obesity, cancer, anxiety, and depression.

Relationship experts and health practitioners the world over recommend spending a few hours, few days a week outdoors interacting with people or generally just taking in fresher air. Doing this doesn’t just keep you healthy, you become more socially confident, develop more competences, are better equipped to handle and resolve conflicts, and also learn self-advocacy skills.

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