Why Mosquitoes Find You Irresistable


Being the center of attraction to a host of mosquitoes can make you feel like you’re losing it. It’s worse if it seems they’ve all conspired to feast on you alone in the room, while anyone else continues to sleep soundly.

If you suspect the mosquitoes are all heading your way for a banquet, then you most likely are correct as mosquitoes seem to prefer certain people or particular type of human scent to others. All mosquitoes have a very active antennae and can detect scents up to a 100 feet away.

Here are seven different things that attract the mosquito to you:

1. Blood Type
Although hilarious, these mosquitoes do not think it’s funny, but are actually grateful for this little pointer that shows a prey is near.

Mosquitoes are attracted the most to blood type O and least attracted to blood type A. Each blood type secretes a different kind of scent and this is what draws these little vampires in.

2. Lactic Acid

Certain foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, bread, cookies, biscuits, and pickled food contain high levels of lactic acid when broken down. This lactic acid gets emitted from your skin pores, drawing the mosquitoes to you.

3. Body Odor

Sweat that has lingered on your skin for a while gets mixed with bacteria and the scent it produces is a mosquito magnet.

4. Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes are also attracted to carbon dioxide. Each exhaled breath contains chemical compounds like lactic acid, uric acid, octenol that mosquitoes find attractive. Also, the more you exhale, the more scent you produce and the easier it is for you to be recognized.

5. Bacteria Present on Your Skin

There are over 400 mix of bacteria living on your skin. These bacteria mix up to form different cocktails of scent, each unique to an individual and some are much more appealing to these mosquitoes than others.

6. Wearing Dark Colours

Colours like red , navy blue, or black are more easily seen by mosquitoes as opposed to brightly coloured clothes.

7. You are Pregnant
Mosquitoes, especially the malaria-inducing kind, find pregnant women a two times more appealing as you produce 21% more carbon dioxide than non- pregnant women, especially in your third trimester.

How to Avoid Being Bitten by Mosquitoes

1. Take a Bath Just before You Sleep

Having a bath before you sleep will help eliminate sweat and any bacteria build-up on your skin, thereby making you less attractive to mosquitoes.

2. Mask Your Body Unique Scent

If you find you attract mosquitoes a lot, then using mosquito repellent body creams, bracelets, or stickers.

3. Avoid certain Foods Late at Night

You might also want to avoid eating foods high in lactic acid at night.

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