When Can Infidelity in a Marriage be Forgiven


Infidelity is a huge blow and can tear a marriage apart. Most women and men who have had their partners be unfaithful say they found it extremely hard forgiving the said partner. For others, they were able to forgive after an extended period, but never able to truly forget (can anyone really forget that pain?). Can infidelity be forgiven? And, hard as it sounds, when can you make excuses for your partner and say they cheated for such and such a reason?

Nothing whatsoever excuses the fact that your partner broke the sacred vow you both made and had an affair. And no amount of apologies will dull the intense pain you will feel at this betrayal. At this point, you are at right to walk away and not look back. Afterall, one who had broken your trust once and hurt you immensely may likely do so again. But is walking away the right thing to do? And should you do that to yourself?

Not forgiving your partner’s indiscretions is choosing to hold on to the hurt, pain, and bitterness and this will hurt you and do more harm than good in the long run. This piece is in no way condoning cheating or giving one sex a fair pass to do so, but two wrongs have never made a right and like most things in life, choices have to be made in cases of infidelity, no matter how painful.


When can you forgive your ch eating partner?

When Can Infidelity in a Marriage be Forgiven

Before deciding if your partner’s infidelity can be forgiven, you might want to consider these:

– Is your partner remorseful about the act?

– Is he inlove with his lover?

– Is he still inlove with you?

– Does he intend to call things off or will he continue the affair?

– Can the fire of the love you both shared be revived if it has fizzled out?

– Can you let go of the pain sufficiently to work at building that trust once more?

These are pertinent questions that should be answered. You would also need to decide if you can let go of the hurt sufficiently and if it’s worth it to give your marriage another go. This is one important decision no one can make for you.

If you do decide to forgive, you should both know it takes a much longer time to build trust once it’s been broken. Your partner also has to understand that you are likely to be uneasy every time he is out of your sight or see him with a member of the opposite sex and should take this in stride. On your part, you might want to look into your attitude to him and change whatever will hold you both back from healing.

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