What Would You do if You Walked in on a Relative Sexually Abusing a Minor?

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I got wind of a story where a lady walked in on her kid brother sexually abusing a minor. Knowing he’d been caught and what he stood to face if exposed, he begged not to be exposed, promising to change.

From her findings she discovered the sordid act has been ongoing for a while. She’s torn; to turn him over to the authorities so he pays for this crime, or cover him up as family and place him under strict supervision in the hopes he changes.

I threw this situation opened to a lot of folks on a public forum and these are some of the responses I got.

There is no choice. If you witness sexual abuse you need to report it or you are complicit with it. A sexual abuser will not stop. They need help and will not get it unless you turn them in because every expert is legally obliged to report if they hear of abuse to a child. Also, you have a duty to the child being abused. How is that child going to get the help they are now going to need?

Not reporting child abuse when you know about it turns you into a child abuser. It means you too can be prosecuted. You are enabling an abuser and saying the child is less important than the adult. I would definitely report.


I will definitely report such act but before reporting am gonna bit the hell out of the abuser .is not nice at all.


I would turn him and never talk or then of him again as he is not worthy of thought. I think he needs to rot in prison for the rest of his pathetic life.


I would probably just kill him on the spot. Family or not.


This is really a serious issue. I think I would ban that nephew from the house forever if I can’t hand him over to the police. We need to set good example for the kids


I would call the police that second. Most molesters can’t quit and that poor child will suffer the rest of her life. Stop him before he harms someone else. Being family has nothing to do with it.


Every commenter showed anger and hurt for the child through their comments. Not one person said they would cover-up their brother and hope for changes.

What would you do in a similar situation; turn your brother in hope he changes?

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