What to Consider When Carrying Out a Fertility Cleanse

fertility cleanse

I was in a gathering of some women some days back and the conversation kind of steered to fertility cleanse and why we women should have it done occasionally.

A lady screamed and then went on about how she isn’t barren and doesn’t need a fertility cleanse. We let her have her say (which took forever, I might add) then one of us proceeded to educate her on the importance of a fertility cleanse and the fact that having one doesn’t mean you are barren.

So Why Should You Have One Done?

As a woman, no matter how ‘fertile’ you are, the chances of conceiving each month is actually 25%. This figure further goes down if you have one or more slight issue health issues.

A fertility cleanse boosts your chances of conceiving by riding your body of toxins. Your liver carries out this function by eliminating toxins or excess hormones, this way, your body is ‘clean’ and ready for a baby.

Who Needs a Fertility cleanse

Almost every woman will benefit from a fertility cleanse but you should actually get one done if you fall into any of these categories:

1. You have had one or more failed IVF cycle.

2. You take fertility drugs regularly.

3. You’ve been diagnosed of hormonal Imbalance.

4. You consume chemicals and toxins in the air, food you eat, or water you drink.

5. You consume alcohol or smoke in excess and regularly.

6. You eat a poor diet (excess junk).

7. You get exposed to toxins and chemicals frequently.

8. You are on birth control pills.

9. You have been on antibiotics longer than one week.

10. You experience severe pain, blood clot, or dark blood during your period.

What to Consider When Carrying Out a Fertility Cleanse

When carrying out a fertility cleanse, it is recommended you refrain from trying to get pregnant. You should complete the cleanse (which is usually a period of one month) before trying to conceive.

You also should avoid taking other medications or herbs alongside the fertility herbs as these could reduce the effectiveness of the fertility herbs.

You should stop the cleanse immediately if you notice you are pregnant as some of these herbs have been known to interfere with healthy pregnancy.

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