Weaning Foods for Babies 5 Months and Above (Part 1)


My little one is going on five months so I had to start the search for a more-filling food, since the breastmilk she’s on no longer sustains her.

Before I began my search, I knew I wanted something that wasn’t just filling, but that would also be rich in nutrient, and pleasant in taste. Did I find what I was looking for? I sure did! Here are a few baby food choices I found:

Baby Food Recipe 1. Semovita and Banana Puree

So, the first time I heard of this food choice, I almost puked. Semo-what! Like I was going to make semo for my baby and feed her with what- banana soup? Thankfully, it turned out what I thought and the reality are so far apart. The semovita is made lightly like custard or pap and then the banana puree is added to it.

Here’s How to Go About Preparing this Baby Food Choice


1. Dilute one or two teaspoons of the semovita flour in room temperature water until smooth.

2. Next, pour in boiling water, stirring continuously until you achieve a some-what thick consistency.

3. Blend one medium-sized banana and add to your semovita pudding.

4. Stir both mixture and your baby food is ready!

Baby Food Recipe 2: Fruits and Vegetable Combo

For this baby food you’ll be needing the following items

1. 2 Large Carrots
2. 1 Medium Sized Irish Potato
3. 1/2 Ripe Plantain
4. 1-2 Teaspoons Baby Formula


1. Boil the carrots, irish potato, and banana until soft.

2. Take off heat and blend into a puree.

3. Add a spoon of baby formula and stir the mixture together.

Baby Food Recipe 3: Oats and Fruits Combo

For this baby food choice, you’ll be needing

– 2-3 Tablespoons Oats
– 1 Medium-sized Apple (cut into large chunks)
– 1 Medium-sized Carrot.
– 1 Teaspoon Baby Formula


1. Cook oats, carrots, and apple until soft.

2. Take off it and blend.

3. Add a teaspoon of baby formula.

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