This Recipe will Clean Your Kidneys and Make You Avoid Dialysis

Kidney dialysis
Kidney dialysis

This got sent to me and I couldn’t wait to share it here. It’s a natural recipe for cleansing your kidney. A lot of people swear by it’s effectiveness and I’m off to try it (I mean I want clean kidneys too. Hehehe).

So, here’s the simple recipe and method on how to use it:

Carriander leave (garden egg leaves)

How to Use
1. Cut the leaves into small pieces.
2. Rinse in clean water.
3. Put in a clean pot with some water.
4. Place on medium heat and let it boil for 10mins.
5. Take off heat, allow cool a little and filter into oa bottle.
6. Allows to cool and take a glass cup.

When you urinate check your urine. You will notice the salt in the body and some other diseases that can affect your KIDNEY will pass through your urine.

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