6 Habits that are Damaging to Your Hair

damaged hair

A lot of people are all about products and habits to make their hair grow healthy. But healthy hair growth comes when you can control or stop your hair from breaking. There are some habits we have that are damaging to our hair and promote hair loss. These habits are unhealthy, but are so ingrained in us, we are unable to stop them, or even unaware of the damage they do.

Here are some hair damaging habits to look out for:

1. Wearing a Tight Hair-do or Braids
Braids are lovely, easy to manage and last for very long. But the downside to wearing your hair in braids is that they do more harm than good, especially to your hairline.

Your hairline is the most sensitive part of your hair and constant tug or tension from tight hair-dos can damage the hair follicles there and make your hair strands start to fall off.

You might to wear loose, protective hair-styles that allow your hair breathe from time to time.

2. Weaving Your Hair When its Wet
Your hair is at its weakest when its wet and prone to breakage. The strands stretch and break easily when combed vigorously or not handled with care.

Also running a comb or brush through your hair when its wet will also cause breakage so should be avoided.

3. Too Much Combing or Brushing
Each time you brush your hair you lose some strands, so the more you brush, the more hair strands you lose.

You should avoid those small blue tail combs as they promote hair breakage.

4. Overheating
Also, you might want to limit how much heat you apply to your hair as too much heat is known to cause hair breakage. Allow your hair to air-dry as much as possible when you wash and also try to avoid or limit how often you use heat styling tools like straighteners and curling irons.

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5. Hair Products with Alcohol
Hair care products with alcohol are a no-no as they dry your hair and scalp out, leading to hair loss.

6. Allowing Friends Handle Your Hair
Your friends may mean when handling your hair or offer products that are touted to promote healthy hair growth, but this may not always be the case and some could do more harm than good.

You should consult a professional or visit good, reputable salons so your hair can get the right hair care and grow well.

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