Surprising Culture and Traditions of Some Countries that Will Shock You

Every country or region has cultures or traditions it holds dear. However, there are some cultures that are as shocking as they are weird.

Here are 10 amazingly strange cultures that will leave you entertained.


In Ireland, a woman can propose to a man on a leap year and he is not allowed to refuse. If he does, he is levied with a stiff fine.


Mexicans celebrate new year’s eve by eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight.


In China, other nationalities are expected to come bearing gifts during meetings. However, it is customary in China to reject gifts three times before accepting


The number 4 is avoided as its seen as relating to death. In the same vein, the number 49 is especially avoided as it is believed it sounds quite similar to ‘Pain until death’ in Japanese

Japanese also consider it rude, and sometimes degrading to offer a tip.

You can also hire a very good-looking guy to watch romantic flicks with you and wipe your tears.

Ethiopians have a calendar that’s seven years behind the rest of the world and this is what they follow.


Some parts of India see cow’s urine as sacred and use a very small quantity for ceremonies.


Indonesians practice Ma’nene Sulawesi, a tradition in August of each year where they exhume the corpse of dead loved ones, wash and bath them in fresh clothes and parade them around the village.


Denmark citizens are limited when choosing a name for their babies. They have to pick one from the 7,000 names approved by the government.


You are not allowed to import, sell, or spitting out gum and doing so is considered illegal.


You can marry a dead person in France but you must prove the dead had the intention to marry you before their death.

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