Some Helpful Network Codes You Should Know

mtn network
Mtn network

Hey ladies, I saw these network tips and though of sharing them here. So here goes:

How to View a Hidden/ Private Number

– Firstly, don’t pick the call while its ringing.
– Wait for 15 minutes after it rings then press *#30#
– The number then appears within 24 hours.

How to Stop Flashers

– Dial **002*0000#
– Alternatively, you could dial **002* the person’s number#. But for this to work, you have to omit the last number e.g *002*0706322543# then Send.
– To cancel this service, dial ##002#.

How to Identify an Original Phone

– Dial *#06#.
– A 15 digit number appears on your screen. It should begin with the number ’35’That’s IMEI number.

How to Lock Your Airtime

– Dial *33*0000# or #330*0000# and Send

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