Raising a Special Needs Child- Top Survival Tips

special needs

My next door neighbour has a kid with special needs
I see her daily challenges as she struggles to raise this kid. Although he acts and behaves younger, he is 7 years old. He wets himself, plays with kids much younger than him, or just sits on his own most times.

As is common with friends of parents raising children with special needs, she has been advised to lock him indoors so he doesn’t embarrass her further, or to take him for deliverance prayers. But she remains true to her love as a mother and treats him no different from her other kids. She’s also enlightened enough to know which cases need spiritual intervention and which don’t.

It’s a 24 hour job taking care of such a child and no matter how prepared you feel you are there will be days that will leave you feeling over whelmed and burned out.

Here are some tried and trusted ways to this experience less emotionally and physically draining for you:

1. Join a Support Group

While it might seem like you are alone in the world with this trying experience, you certainly aren’t. Tons of women have walked miles in your shoes and come out strong. Search out mothers or groups of other special need children and share experiences and helpful tips.

You will also find that the simple act of sharing your struggles with someone going through the exact same thing will lift a lot of heaviness off your chest.

2. Retrace and Regroup

Being a mom is a full time job, but being a mom to a special need child is a whole lot more. Cut yourself some slack. Much as you want to be you aren’t supermom so you can’t do it all.

If at any point you feel overwhelmed, withdraw and allow a trusted adult help out.

3. Consult Specialists

It’s very easy to want to want to want believe otherwise when we see our kids showing some special needs tendencies but never pays in theblong run. The sooner we come to terms with what’s happening, the faster our child can get the help he needs.

4. Give Him the Rught Education

A part of making sure your child gets thevhelp he needs is putting him in the right school. While you might be tempted to enrol him in a school around, doing so might do more harm than good as his difference is going to stand out. This will put a lot of negative attention on hi m which will in turn affect his self esteem