Natural Treatment of Common Childhood Illnesses Every Mother Should Know

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Every mother is a born healthcare practitioner as even the healthiest of kids will fall ill sometimes. While it is best to take your kids to the hospital when they do fall ill, some illnesses are mild and are things you can easily treat with over-the-counter medicine or natural herbs.

Having a first-hand knowledge of natural remedies will always come in handy. Here are some natural treatment for diseases and some mild illnesses every mother should know:

1. Cold and Fever

Herbal Remedy
– A Handful of Lemon Grass
– 1 Garlic Bulb
– A Little Ginger


1. Combine all ingredients and boil for 15-20 minutes.

2. Strain liquid into a bowl and allow cool.

3. Give 2 tablespoons twice daily to kids below two years and half a glass twice daily to kids above two. Adults can also take a glass twice daily.

2. Jaundice

Herbal Remedy
1 Large Unripe Pawpaw


1. Peel, slice, and place pawpaw in a bowl. Fill this with water and leave overnight.

2. Give 5ml three times daily.

3. Blood Tonic/Booster

Herbal Remedy
– Pumpkin Leaves
– Lectus
– 2-3 Tablespoons Honey


1. Extract the juice from the pumpkin leaves and lectus and add the honey.

2. Give half to one glass cup daily.

4. Cough and Catarrh

Herbal Remedy
2 Tablespoon


1. Peel and cut ginger into small bits. Place in a pot and boil for 10 minutes.

2. Strain into a cup and allow to cool. Add honey and give two tablespoons twice daily.

5. For Severe Catarrh

Herbal Remedy
1 Lime
2 Tablespoons Honey


1. Combine both ingredients and water it down.

2. Give 1-2 teaspoons daily.

6. Baby Antibiotics
Herbal Remedies

– Basil Leaves(Effirin)
– Pawpaw Leaves
– 1-2 Garlic Bulb


1. Boil all ingredients for 15-20 minutes. Take off heat and allow to cool.

2. Strain the liquid into an airtight jar and 5ml every four hours.

7. Malaria
Herbal Remedy

– Lemon Grass
– 3 Large Unripe Pawpaw
– 15-20 Limes
– 10 Oranges
– 3 Grapes
– 2 Unripe Pawpaws
– 4 Garlic Bulbs
– 4 Large Ginger


1. Peel all ingredients and place in a pot. Mash the ginger and garlic before adding.

2. Fill the pot up with water and boil for 30 minutes then take off heat and allow to cool.

3. Give half a glass cup twice daily.

8. Typhoid Fever
Herbal Remedy

– Lemon Grass
– 20 Unripe Lime
– 3 Unripe Grapes
– 1 Large unripe Pawpaw
– 1 Large Unripe Pineapple
– Basil Leaves (Effirin)
– Bitter Leaves
– 4 Garlic Bulbs
– 4 Ginger


1. Peel and boil all ingredients for 30 minutes or more.

2. Allow cool and strain give half a glass cup three times daily.

9. Pneumonia
Herbal Remedy

– 5 Large Garlic Bulbs
– 10 Lime
– 5 Grape Juice


1. Peel and blend until smooth.

2. Place in a bowl and add both lime and grape juice. Stir and give 2 tablespoons 2-3 times daily.

10. Toothache
Herbal Remedy

– 1 Garlic Glove


1. Peel and mash garlic to extract the juice.

2. Using a ball of cotton wool, dab some garlic juice at the affected tooth and leave for 5-10.

4. Give the child water to swish in the mouth and spit out.


Please note that most of these herbal remedies can also be taken by adults. You would however need to increase the dosage slightly.

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