How to Wax Your Underarm Using Lemon Juice and Sugar

wax underarm

If you are tired of using some store-bought cream (which you aren’t 100% sure of )to get rid of underarm hair and hair on any other part of your anatomy, here’s a simple , trusted, and side effect- free method you can adopt. It involves the use of sugar, lemon juice, and a little quantity of water to get rid of the hair.

Here’s how to go about it:


– 1 Cup Sugar
– 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice
– 1/4 Cup Water
– Juice from Aloe Vera (optional)


Place all ingredients in a heat-resistant bowl and mix.

Next, microwave it until its hot, stirring at intervals so it doesn’t burn.

Take it off it and allow it cool. It should have a thick consistency at this point.

Now you have your homemade waxing cream. To use, wash your underarm using cool or lukewarm water and pat dry.

Once dry, spread this lemon and sugar paste over the area and a waxing strip on it.

Press gently then remove the wax strip in a quick motion. You’ll experience some pain when removing but doing it quickly will minimize the amount of pain you feel.

Apply aloe vera juice all over the waxed spot. Not only will this close the pores that will be opened at this point, it will also provide soothing relief from the pain.

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