How to Treat Burn Wounds

burn wound

A few weeks ago, I had a bad experience with scalding water when it poured on my feet. A kettle of boiling water slipped from my hand and poured on my feet. I screamed in pains; the automatic flight response kicked in and I was hopping out of the kitchen when I slipped, fell and dipped my hand into the kettle.

I was scalded and was in extreme pains for hours. My mom who heard my screams ran out and her first response was to apply aloe vera hurriedly on both feet and my hand. I got no relief from it, and so sat moaning in pain for the next hour.

At a point I summoned a little strength and decided to research on natural remedies for burn wounds as I wanted relief from the pain which didn’t seem to be letting up. Here are 7 possible remedies I got:

1. Cool Water or a Cold Compress
This is usually the first option that comes to mind and a good one too. Most people with burn wounds from hot water instantly place the wound under a running tap or apply a cold compress to it for 20 minutes. This natural first aid treatment brings instant relief from the pain and also prevent the site from scarring.

2. Aloe Vera
So….this didn’t offer much relief to me at that time, but it has on a few other occasions when I had lighter burns. On those occasions, the pain was dulled so much that I was able to continue with the particular chore I was doing at that point.

To use extract the gel from the aloe vera plant and rub all over the burn spot. You may need to apply it a few times, depending on the extent of the wound to get some relief.

3. Coconut Oil
This is another awesome remedy for burns. Apply this oil on the affected part to soothe the pain, prevent blisters from forming and give you little or no scars.

4. Toothpaste
Okay, so this method is a little unconventional, but it works and when you are in a lot of pain you don’t care if a thing fits the norm or not.

To use, run the affected part under cool water, gently pat dry with a soft washcloth and apply a generous film of toothpaste.

5. Black Tea Bag
In cases of extreme pain from burns, this is your go-to remedy. Black tea bags contain a component, tannic acid which works by extracting heat from a burn wound.

To use, dip two tea bags in some cool water and place over affected area. Cover lightly with gauze and leave in overnight.

6. Honey
Honey isn’t just useful as a food condiment or a beauty remedy, it also serves as a treatment for a lot of ailments or health conditions, one of them being burn wounds.

It has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe pains, and anti-bacterial to prevent infections. It also prevent scars from forming when used correctly. Just apply honey on the spot and cover with a gauze. Do this three times daily, changing the gauze each time.

7. Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is not a remedy used solely for burn wounds, but is applied as a back-up for other remedies used. This juice contain an acidic compound that lightens scars when applied.

So you don’t have to suffer the excruciating pain of a burn wound. Use any of the above remedies to get the much needed relief. You might want to still check with a health professional if the pain persists.

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