How to Preserve Your Tomatoes for Up to a Year

Tomato puree
Tomato puree

Ladies, here’s a really simple way to preserve your tomatoes for up to a year. Yes, you heard right; one year. It’s quick and quite easy to implement.

Here are the items you’ll be needing:

1. A Pressure or Gas Cooker
2. 2 Pot
3. Some Empty Bama Glass Containers (or any container that can withstand heat and can be shut tightly).

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1. First off, blend your tomatoes, pepper, and onions into a smooth paste. You might want to add lot of onions as onions is a very good preservative.

2. Next, pour your ground tomatoes into a pot and cook until liquid evaporates. At this stage, it becomes thickened and can be scouped with a spoon without it spilling over.

3. Once done, transfer the tomatoes into the bama bottle containers, making sure you put just enough in so it can still be shut.

4. Place the bama containers in the other pot and pour in two cups of water.

5. Boil this for 45 minutes and take off heat.

That’s it. This preserved tomato can last for as long as you need it.


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