How to Make Nigerian Pap (ogi)


I never was a fan of pap (ogi) but dear hubby (dh) loves it and I had to become one as I got tired of the making two separate meals each time.

Dh also doesn’t like market-bought pap, so I took to getting from MIL when she makes or making mine from the scratch when I’m able to.

It’s quite easy to whoop up a batch and you can have enough quantity to last you for a month from one preparation.

Here are the Ingredients You’ll be Needing

– 1 Paint Plastic of Corn (Yellow or Red)
– Half a Bucket of Water.

Other items You’ll be Needing

– One Half Yard of a Light Fabric (preferably teru fabric for draining excess water from the pap)(sew this on three sides to form a kind of pillowcase.)

– Another lighter fabric also sown pillowcase-style for sieving and separating the pap from the shaft.

Directions on Making Your Pap

– Pour corn into a deep bowl with a lid and pour water into it to wash. You want to wash it two or three times to be sure you get all dirt out.

– Once clean, top the corn with clean water and cover the bowl. You’re going to keep this soaked for three days, making sure to change the water and replace with clean water each day.

– By the third day, grind the corn into a smooth paste.

– Next, fill a 50 liter bucket halfway with water.

– Submerge the lighter fabric into the bucket of water, making sure to hold the edges above the water.

– Pour the blended corn into the center of the fabric and start to knead. As you do this, the pap (ogi) starts to seep out from the fabric into the water.

– Do this for 10-15 minutes and then squeeze out every drop of water from the cloth. What you’ll have left is the shaft contained at the bottom of the material.

– Next, let the bucket of water sit for six hours or overnight for the pap to settle to the bottom of the bucket.

– At this point, you should scoup out the excess water from the top and transfer the pap already starting to settle at the bottom into the first sewn fabric.

– Tie the opening shut and place this on an elevated surface for all water to drain out completely.

– Leaving you with your delicious and ready-to-make pap.

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