How to Make Money Online as a Woman (Part 1)

Make money online
Make money online

A lot of us who hold down 9-to-5 jobs fantasize about walking up to The Boss to yell ‘I Quit!’ then giving him The Finger for emphasis. Okay, so your desire to quit may not be this strong, and you most likely wouldn’t exit the company in such a dramatic fashion, but you would still love to leave that tasking jobs and take up a less stressful one that would still make it possible for you to maintain your current financial status while giving you more time for your home and the kids. The following are simple and stress-free ways to make money online as a woman:

Sell Your Photos

Some of us take tons of pictures daily, then we spend several more minutes uploading the ones that make us look our absolute best on facebook or Instagram. But did you know you can make money online as a woman from this seemingly unimportant photo-snapping habit? Yes, there are several websites online that will pay to have your pictures in their database. Of course, you’d have to broaden your portfolio and take other types of pictures.

Some of these sites are

The way it works is that you upload your picture to any of these sites and get paid each time someone downloads your picture. You earn anywhere from 15% to 70% on your photo, depending on the website you choose to sign up with. While the money you earn per download may seem small, the beauty of this online money making venture is that you earn each time your picture gets downloaded. Which means there’s no limit to the number of times you earn from a single picture.

Sell Your Skills

Whatever your skills are you can make money online from it. Might I add that making money online with these skills is some often not as easy as its painted to be, but persistence and determination always pays off at the end.

That being said, here are some skills you can make money online from

– Writing Skills
If you are a seasoned writer, then you can make over a hundred thousand naira writing for blogs or websites.

Lots of websites need fresh content and this is where you come in. You sign up to any of these websites and follow their specific guidelines to produce content that would interest and benefit them.

Some websites you can sell your skills on are:

– Virtual Assistant
Most companies are opting for freelance virtual assistants as it saves them more on cost. As a virtual assistant, you’ll carry out tasks like replying mails, managing the company’s data, and any other social media functions and you get paid via check, paypal, or payoneer.

Sell Your Online Status is one website that will pay you to update your status on Twitter and Myspace. Once you sign up, you get sent advertisers’ messages to promote. You are also at liberty to choose which ads you want to promote and which to reject.

Let me add here that this works best if you have a large followership on any of these sites as this determines what you earn. You also could get paid anywhere from one to five figures for each message you send out.

Sell Ebooks

This is a personal favourite of mine and also a tried and trusted way to make money online as a woman (or man). I can’t begin the describe the first time I cashed the money I made from selling my ebooks here in Nigeria using my Payoneer card. I oscillated between disbelief and excitement as the ATM dispersed my money. I counted the money , then gave myself a slight shake to be sure it was real. When I left the queue, I was grinning from ear to ear as I ignored the puzzled look some people cast my way.

So how does it work? Simple. You write a well-researched, informative book on a niche you are passionate about or have extensive knowledge on. Next, you proof-read the written material, then design a suitable, attention-grabbing ebook cover and your book is ready to start spinning money for you.

There are several websites you can sell your ebook on to make money online, but one of the best is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You stand the best chance of making good sales here as it has millions of traffic, giving your book all the exposure it needs to sell.

To start, head over to (note I didn’t begin with the common ‘www’ as the site doesn’t open when you add that prefix) and sign up for an account. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes to do. The site is also very user-friendly which means you’ll have no problems nagivating around.

Next, log into your account, upload your book, selecting the relevant categories as well as keywords for your book and start making money online as a woman.

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