How to Make Crispy Potato Chips

potato chips

Making crispy potato chips is about the easiest food you can prepare (or fry in this case). Depending on how many people you are making chips for, it is something you can have ready in one hour or less. So how do you start? Firstly you would need to assemble your ingredients and equipments and here are the things you’d be needing.

Ingredients for Crispy Potato Chips
3 Large Potatoes
Chili Powder (optional)
A Deep Fryer

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Slice potatoes thinly (manually or using a mandoline) into a bowl of water. Rinse and place in another bowl of water containing a little salt.

Let the potatoes sit in this bowl for 10-20 minutes.

Place your deep fryer on medium heat and pour oil into it.

Allow this heat up and your frying begins.

Drain a little of the sliced potatoes using a colander and transfer the content into your deep fryer, exercising care so the hot oil doesn’t splash on you.

Fry until potato assumes a golden brown and take off heat.

Repeat until you have all your potatoes fried.

Place a few paper towels on a flat dish and transfer your crispy potatoes into this. The idea is for any excess oil left to drain off completely.

Leave for 5 minutes and your crispy potato chips is ready to be served.

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