How to Make a Margarita Cocktail

margarita cocktail
margarita cocktail

In this part of the world, when you hear the word ‘cocktail drinks’ your mind immediately goes to Chapman cocktail and that’s because it is the most readily served cocktail drink here in Nigeria. However, there are tons of other cocktail drinks and one of these is the margarita cocktail.

This cocktail is quite easy to prepare and you can whoop up a glass in five minutes or less. Here are the ingredients you’ll be needing:

Ingredients for Your Margarita Cocktail

– Tequila Drink (2 Ounces)
– Juice from One Half Freshly Cut Lemon or Lime
– Lime Cordial (1/2 Ounce)
– Some Crushed Ice


– You’ll be needing a shaker for this, but that’s just about the only equipment you’ll need.

– Pour all ingredients into the shaker along with the crushed ice and give a vigorous shake.

– Strain the content into your chilled glass.

– Next, line your glass rim with a little salt or place one slice of lime on it and your margarita cocktail is ready to be served.

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