How to Burb a Burb-Resistant Baby

burbing a burb resistant baby
burbing a burb resistant baby

Most moms can identify with this problem; that one time your baby just refuses to burb, try as you did. You were left frustrated as you continued patted her back, eagerly waiting to hear that slightly guttural sound.

This was the story of my life and I would literally sit for a long time praying for my baby to release that pent-up gas so we could both go back to our much-needed sleep.

So if you are wondering how to burb your baby fast, then this write-up will give you just what you need.

I got my help from my kid sister who’s nursed two boys and also runs a creche. She gave me the secret that’s made burbing my burb-resistant baby a breeze and a pleasant experience. Its so easy, even a first time mom can get it right on first try.

The secret? Burb your baby immediately you take your breast or feeder off her mouth, not a second later. Lift her to an upright position immediately and she will produce that sound that’s music to your ears.

You see, the gas your baby swallows goes down along with the food she takes in, so the longer you take to get her upright, the farther the gas travels and the longer it will take to get it out.

Of course, while this burb tip works immediately, there just might be that one time it might not work as fast as you’d want. When this happens, just keep your baby upright while you continue to pat her back.