Homemade Remedies for Stomach Infection

My daughter recently came down with stomach upset or stomach infection. It was a very trying time for us all as she was stopping and vomiting without stop.

In a matter of days she lost so much weight and became emaciated.

Hospitals we visited gave the verdict that there really a cure for stomach flu and we had to wait it out.  It was hard hearing this as its tough watching your child suffer.  I decided to search out forums with experienced paediatricians and mothers and was given these homemade remedies for stomach infection to use.  You can try ant out for quick relief:[strong]

1. Lots of Fluid


You are losing fluid which has to be replaced immediately or it could become fatal. Although it might be a challenge keeping this fluid down you should strive to so you don’t become dehydrated. [strong]

2. Replace Lost Electrolytes


The fluid being lost comes with electrolytes. Electrolytes play key functions in the body like regulate your heartbeat and aiding ease of movement by controlling your muscle for movement. Hence,  they have to be balanced in the body as an inadequate amount could be fatal.

Here are some proven ways of quickly replacing your lost electrolytes:

– Mix a satchel of ORS in a glass of water and sip.

– Boil a cup of rice in three cups of water for 10-15 minutes,  strain the liquid into a cup and drink once cooled.[strong]

3. Take Fermented Pap [/strong]

Mix a teaspoon of raw PSP in a glass of water and sip through the the day.  This is effective remedy for diarrhea in stomach infection and you should start to see relief soon enough.[strong]

4. Take an Energy Drink (with caution)[/strong]

The recommended energy drinks to be taken are lucozade boost and glucose drink (made from a tablespoon of glucose diluted in water). This should be taken if you feel your strength failing,  but should be taken with caution. [strong]

5. Ginger Tea [/strong]

Brew a cup of ginger tea by grating one fresh ginger or diluting half a teaspoon of ginger in a cup of boiling water. Allow steep for 15 minutes and then drink.

These are the homemade remedies I used for treating my daughter’s stomach flu and they worked perfectly.  Do try any out in you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation and let us know which worked

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