Helping Your Man Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), an inability to have an erection or maintain one long enough for sexual intercourse to take place, is actually a more common problem than we know. However, most men would rather suffer in silence than admit to anyone, even their doctor, that they can’t get it up or keep it that way for long.

In Nigeria, over 72% of men over 70 years suffer from erectile dysfunction and contrary to widely held notions, ED doesn’t affect just the elderly as more and more men (an estimated 34.3%)younger than 40 years of age also report suffering from it.

Viagra remains a popular go-to treatment for most of these men and over 20 million men have used or are currently on it. The downside to this drug is that while it remedies the problem of erectile dysfunction long enough for sexual intercourse to take place at the time, it doesn’t cure ED in the long run.

Top Cause of Erectile Dysfunction
ED can be caused by physical or psychological factors.

Physical Causes
Physical causes of erectile dysfunction includes stress, the use of certain medications (like Lopressor, Flomax, and Tagament), sexual trauma (which to your genitals), lifestyle choices (like excessive smoking and drinking which cause the blood vessels in your penis to constrict, preventing the free flow of blood ), and long distance bicycling (which damage certain nerves in your bottom and genitals).

Psychological Causes
These includes severe and prolonged depression, extreme fatigue, and performance anxiety.

How you Can Help Your Man Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

1. Show Support
Men have egos and he needs to know you don’t see him as less of a man just because he can’t get it up once (or a few times). Show empathy for his feelings of embarrassment (which he mostly will feel) and get him to channel that energy towards getting a cure.

2. Schedule an Appointment
Schedule an appointment with a health care practitioner so you both can get to the root problem of his ED. This way you will both get to know what you are treating and if you’d be needing drugs or just some serious lifestyle changes.

3. Remove Stressors from Around Him
If his ED problem is caused by stress, extreme fatigue, or depression you both should sit down to discuss how you can remove these stressors and get him back to feeling good again.

4. Make Use of Herbal Remedies
Nature has blessed us with a myriad of herbs that can cure a multitude of ailments and health conditions.

Some herbs that are super effective for curing erectile dysfunction includes red ginseng (600-100 milligrams daily), pomegranate juice, yohimbe, arginine, and garlic.

5. Keep Trying
Erectile dysfunction that is caused by performance anxiety will give way in the face of a supportive partner and constant trials. Let your partner know he doesn’t have to be a stud ALL the time and the fact that he wants to please you as well is enough for you.

If he is not so anxious about impressing you all the time, he is bound to become relaxed and do well.

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