Helpful Tips for Breastfeeding in Absentia

Motherhood is tough; each aspect of it is as tough as it is rewarding and one of it is breastfeeding your newborn. Being so little, your baby has a very small stomach which cannot hold much food and she would need to be fed regularly.

This was one of the few challenges I faced when I started breastfeeding my little baby daughter. Since I wanted to feed her more breastmilk (I actually planned on exclusive but circumstances changed my plans) I had to be around all the time to give in to her feeding demands. I wanted the rest as well, so didn’t mind this at first. After a while it began to take a toll on me so I sought a way out. I decided to make her food available even when I wasn’t around and took to expressing and storing some breastmilk in cleaned containers.

Here are the steps I took to start breastfeeding in absentia:

1. I Got a White Plastic Bucket to be Used for sterilizing

I’m particular about giving my baby the safest food and since I would be dealing with cups, spoons, and feeding bottles I knew I had to keep these items as sterilized as possible, hence the bucket.

2. I also Purchased Some Sterilizing Tablet

I got Milton sterilizing tablets (there are tons of brands you can use), filled the bucket half-way through with clean tap water and dropped one tablet into it. I dropped the items to be used into it and in 15 minutes they were sterilized and ready to be used. This bucket of sterilized water served me for 24 hours before I changed the content (and by the way, you can get Milton tablets or liquid to buy on konga or Jumia).

3. I Expressed the Milk

With my feeding items ready, I proceeded to express the breastmilk and, depending on how long I would be gone, I expressed double the quantity that would cover that time and then kept it in the fridge. My rationale for this was that I could plan to be gone for an hour or two but get delayed and spend longer than I planned.

4. I Got Boiling Water Ready

I got a flask, boiled some water and kept it handy so the milk could be warmed up slightly before my baby girl is fed.

5. She was in Good Hands

I knew she was in trusted hands so I left to get important things done and my sweetheart was well taken care of, happy, and cheerful when I got back.

Some important things I need to let you know:

– Breastmilk lasts for 6 days when refrigerated, but you get the best use of it if you use it within four days.

– The milk is stored in a fridge and warmed for use. Once warmed it shouldn’t be kept back in the fridge or your baby might start to stool. Ditch any unfinished quantity. This means you should measure out just the quantity you know your baby can eat.

So these are my helpful breastfeeding tips. I hope you have a yummy breastfeeding experience just like I am.

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