Getting Over Emotional Abuse to Date Again

People who have been in emotionally abusive relationships have a lot to say or not say about it. They have been hurt and scarred and would rather keep that part of their lives buried. Most find its harder to love or trust the second time around, believing the same experience awaits them in a new relationship.

Sadly, for most people this is often true as they fall back into the same pattern: picking men with clear abusive tendencies, believing they can’t do better and putting up with whatever bad behaviour their partner shows

Breaking this pattern is possible and for a lot other people, taking conscious steps to break this destructive pattern often sees them going on to have a healthy, loving relationship.

Here are Some Proven Tips to Help You Heal after an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Dwelling on the past will do more harm than good. Instead give yourself a timeframe to identify what drew you to your abusive partner and then close the past forever. You might want to write down these qualities as your red flags or deal breakers so you know to avoid them in future.

2. Give Yourself Time to Heal

Take as much time off relationships as you want so you heal properly. Getting into a new relationship too soon while you still have the hurt and pain from your previous will put too much strain on the new one. This new relationship may not be able to survive the baggage you bring in and would crumble Ibo time, taking you back to that dark place of emotional pain and despair.

3. Get a Support System

You should consider joining a support group where you’ll meet people with similar experiences. Sharing your experiences and being there for each other will put you at ease, especially when you see others making progress emotionally. You can also ask family and friends to help out in any little way they can.

4. Put Yourself First

An emotionally abusive relationship takes a toll on you and sometimes damages you psyche. You should learn to re-love yourself and see you as the special and unique person that you are.

You should understand healing after an emotionally abusive relationship takes time and the trust and self-love you seek will not happen in a day. Be patient with yourself and take your healing journey one step at a time

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