Funny Things Kids Say

Funny Things Kids Say

Kids are just adorable and in their innocence they’ll say or do things that will leave you reeling for hours. I have a kid and I’m also surrounded by nephews and nieces so I get a regular dose of fun sayings that just make my day.

Here are some funny sayings from the kids around me:

Three Years Old TJ
“Mummy, the eba is very sweet but the soup is not sweet.”

Five Years Old Fidel
He fell and his bum became numb. Not understanding what was happening to him, he screamed in fear “Mummy, my bom bom is not working anymore! I will not be able to poo poo anymore.”

Three Years Old Tom
“Oouch! Mummy, my teeth bit my tongue.”

Four Years Old Ese
He was reading a newspaper with all seriousness when he exclaimed:

“This is evatulation!”

The newspaper was turned downside up.

Two Years Old Nicole

Grandma boiled an egg for Nicole and decided to cut it into smaller bits to make it easier for the little girl to chew. At a point, she touched one to see if it was cool enough for Nicole when the girl goes:

“Leave it! You like food!”

Thinking grandma was about to eat it.

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