Fun Valentine Ideas to Try with Your Lover

Valentine is an awesome time to share and receive love from your loved ones. If you are a little bored with the regular way you spend valentine, here are some fun and creative things you can do to take things up a few notches.

1. Call into a Radio or TV Station to Request a Song
This is an awesome idea; requesting your partner’s favourite song and it also works best if you call into your lover’s favourite station too.

2. Get Matching Shirts

Nothing screams ‘romance in the air’ like wearing a monogrammed T-shirt alongside your lover with matching inscriptions. Some common words people use are ‘I’m’ His & I’m Hers’, ‘She Rocks my World & He Rocks My World’ but you can totally get creative and come up with your own heartfelt inscriptions.

. 3. Write Romantic Love Letters and Hide in Places Where They are Bound to See Them

I saw this idea played out once with a twist. A guy wrote several little love letters and had them hidden close around. It turned into a game and she had to solve a puzzle before she getting the pointer to the location of the next letter. It was one of the best games I ever saw.

4. Fake Tattoo You Lover’s Name on You

If you are not a fan of tattoos, then this works just perfectly as you can get the tattoo removed afterwards. The idea behind it is to show your partner how much they mean to you.

5. Revisit Your First Date

Recreate the setting and activities of your first date as much as possible. Not only will you have relive the moment, you will also have fun. Remembering a lot of what went down that day.

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