Fast Home Remedies for Whitlow

Whitlow is a very painful infection on the finger as I came to discover a few weeks ago. It is caused by the herpes simplex virus and starts out as a seemingly harmless, swollen spot on the finger which later transforms to become a red, painful lesion.

Most whitlow infections usually clear within two weeks without treatment, but will heal much faster when treatment is applied.

Some homemade herbal treatment for whitlow you might want to consider include:

1. Hot Water Treatment

The herpes virus usually cannot survive much contact with hot water and would dry up when it is used.

To use, add a capful of some antibacterial soap to a bowl of hot water. Dip your hand in for a few seconds at a time. Do this for 5-10 minutes twice daily for five days for a quick cure.

2. Lemon Herbal Treatment for Whitlow

Get a medium-sized lemon and make a hole large enough to accommodate the finger. Dip your hand into it and leave in for a minute or two at a time for 10 minutes. Repeat twice daily for five days.

3. Magnesium Sulphate Solution Herbal Treatment for Whitlow

Get a sachet of magnesium sulphate from a pharmacist and place on the affected finger and cover loosely with a bandage to secure in place. Repeat two to three times daily.

4. Rice Flour and Linseed Oil

Make a poultice by combining rice flour and linseed oil and apply on the affected finger and also secure this in place with a bandage or piece of cloth.

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