Are You Struggling to Pump Enough Milk? These Six Tips will Increase Your Milk Letdown

Breastmilk letdown occurs when your breast releases milk at a very fast rate. If you are breastfeeding, it can overwhelm your baby and cause him to choke or take his mouth off at intervals. Some other babies react by crying and refusing to nurse altogether.

However, it can be a plus when you are expressing the milk as you get the quantity you want on time.

So, how do you stimulate your breast reflex to release more milk? Here are six tried and tested ways around that:

1. Take a Warm Beverage or Drink Before You Pump

Taking hot drinks or beverages also calms your body enough for it to let down the milk. You should have 3-4 hot beverages daily for the effect to be felt.

2. Tug or Roll Your Nipples Between Your Thump and Fore Finger

Tugging your nipple between your thump and fore finger helps unclog your milk ducts as well as simulate your baby’s suction motion to stimulate the release of milk.

3 Carry Out a Massage on Your Breasts

Gently massage both breasts in a circular motion for 5 minutes before you breastfeed.

Start from the part closer to your chest and massage gently towards the nipples.

4. Use a Warm Compress or Take a Warm shower

Using a warm compress works by unclogging your milk ducts to release more milk. For it to work, use the compress for five minutes before you pump or immense both breasts in warm water for the same duration of time.

You can also take a warm shower just before you express.

5. Double Pump

Pumping both breasts simultaneously stimulate your body to release the oxytocin hormone which in turn stimulates you body to produce and release more milk.

6. Think About Your Baby

A lot of mothers also report having free milk let downs when they have warm thoughts or watch a video of their baby.

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