8 Facts about Your Vagina that Will Shock You

So, we know some basic functions of the vagina: sex, birthing, excretion. But did you know there are a lot other facts about your vagina you didn’t know? Some of these are so outrageous they will leave your mouth hanging loose.

Here are eight other facts about your coochie (powerhouse, jajaina, va-ja-jay, what other names is it known as?):

1. Your Vagina Can’t get Loose from Too Much sex
The vagina is elastic and it goes right back to its original shape after a sexual intercourse. So the next time someone tells you your vagina will get slacked from too much sex, smile politely, while in your heart you know the real causes of a slacked vagina are childbirth and aging.

2. Your Vagina Can Self-clean
Yes, you heard right. Your vagina has the ability to clean itself, which means you don’t have to wash up with soap anymore.

Your body discharges a clear, whitish liquid through your vagina regularly and this liquid works by eliminating harmful bacteria and old cells from your body.

3. Vaginas Have Different Sizes and Colours
Vaginas come in different shapes, sizes and colours ranging from a soft pink, to a deep brown. Also, no two women have the same type of vaginas, even women born into the same family.

4. Your Vagina Can Talk
Yes, your vagina can and does talk to you. This may not be the regular way you are used to, but it does speak by giving you cues as to its state and health through the types and colours of discharge it produces. So, if you are observant, you can get to know if your vagina is healthy, if you have an infection or are ovulating.

5. There are 8,000 Nerve Endings in Your Clitoris
That’s double the number of nerve endings men have in their penis, which means you can experience double the potency of climax men experience.

6. Your Vagina is a Hero
That’s what you’d call someone who saves lives, right? It so happens your vagina does the exact same thing. There are currently clinical trials going on where stems cells are extracted from your menstrual blood and used in the treatment of congestive heart failure.

The stem cells, taken from your menstrual period, are grown into muscle cells of the heart and then used.

7. The Vagina Can Trap a Penis
Yes, you heard right. A penis can get locked within the vagina during sexual intercourse. This is known as penis captivus and occurs when muscles in your vagina clamps down on the penis, making it impossible for it to be removed.

8. You Can Have Two Vaginas
This is a very rare medical condition as very few people have reported having two vaginas. It is medically referred to as uterus didelphys, where a woman gets born with two uterus and consequently two vaginas.

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