7 Rules for Office Romance

office romance
Office romance

We’ve all seen that office romance that started out so great and then hit the rock before you could say romance. Next, we watched the estranged couple tiptoe around each other in awkwardness while they tried to mask the pain of the break-up.

This, among a few other not-so-pleasant reasons is why most people avoid office romance. However, if you find yourself uncontrollably drawn to that dark hunk that works in th IT department, you don’t have to miss out on your chance at romance. Here are seven time-tested office romance rules to make yours work.

Find Out the Company’s Policy

Some companies are against fraternization and one or both of you may be at risk of losing your job if the information gets out. You should know the company’s stand before even deciding to proceed with the relationship..

Keep it Professional
You should apply a little professionalism to your relationship. You might want to rule out displaying any form of inappropriate affection while in the workplace. You should also avoid sending each other IMs or emails on the company’s computer.

Also, you should strive to appear as objective as possible in your decision-making if you’re dating your superior or surbodinate, especially if a few people are aware of the relationship.

Determine if It’s Worth it

We all want our happily-ever-after, but not all relationships end up that way. You should determine if it would all be worth it if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Would you be able to cope with the tension or the pain of seeing your ex regularly? Would your job be unaffected by the break-up.

You should proceed after deciding you are strong enough to weather the storm if it does get to that.

Discuss Issues You are Both Likely to Face

You both should have a sit-down to discuss the relationship and the possible outcomes and how you would both proceed.

Also, people are bound to notice the sparks. You should decide who needs to be told and how much they should know.

Date Someone in a Separate Department

Try dating someone in a separate department to keep things from becoming boring over time. You work within such close spaces and see each other every time you turn. Things can get stagnant pretty fast and you would begin to feel boxed in.

Keep intimate Details of Your Relationships Within Yourselves

Keep intimate details of your relationship away from other colleagues, no matter how keen they seem to want to help. It most often doesn’t end well for a relationship.

Spend Time with Other Colleagues

Keep the fire and the interest burning by spending time with other colleagues. You already get to see your partner through-out the day. You each should hang out with other colleagues or friends, give yourselves time to miss each other.

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