7 Qualities of a Good Man – As Defined by a Good Woman

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No one is created to be alone and over time we seek out a mate who fufils our desire for companionship. Every woman wants a good man; that special someone that fits perfectly- or almost perfectly – the image of the type of man we want. Most of us want a man who is there for us; listens to and supports us, just as we do him.

While there is no perfect person out there, most women just want a man who is considered good from a broad perspective.

Here are some qualities that make a man good as defined by a good woman:

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1. A Man Who is Faithful

No one wants to be cheated on and its especially hard for a woman. It doesnt just hurt her emotions, it also strips her of her self esteem and dignity and most would want to avoid this.

Every woman wants a man who is faithful and loyal to her; one who understands that being faithful is more than making promises but strives to be true to these promises.

2. A Man Who is Honest

A good man understands the importance of honesty and strives to be, especially in his dealings with you. He knows being consistently honest takes a special kind of character, but he remains committed to being so.

3. He Plans Well for His Money

A good man provides for his family. He makes good financial decisions and plans for his future.

He understand the economy and budgets his money to tide him through all situations.

4. He is Confident and Mature

A good man believes in himself, knows he desrves the best and goes for it. A good, confident man will also try to make those around him become the very best they can be if its within his capabilities.

He knows he doesn’t have to pull anyone down to climb higher in life.

A good man is also mature to handle situations the right way. He handles his business correctly, expressing emotions as he should.

5. He is Hardworking and Alive to His Duties

A good man works hard and is alive to his responsibilities. He strives to take care of his bills abd provides for his family needs when he has one.

A good man understands a woman is his helpmate and treats her as such. He works to get back on his feet if knocked down by life’s challenges and doesnt leave his responsiblities for his partner to permanently shoulder.

6. He is Level-headed and Responsible

A good man is level-headed and responsible, able to remain calm while under pressure. He understands things may not always go the way he wants and picks himself up to try again.

7. He is a Defender and Provider

Men are created with a natural instinct to protect and defend that which they hold dear. A good man should be willing to defend you if the need arises and protect you within his capabilities.

This doesnt mean he should constantly place himself in harm’s way, but a willingness to protect and defend you shows you are important to him.

A good man looks out for you and would want you to be happy and comfortable in the relationship


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