7 Habits that are Damaging to Your Relationship

Relationships are beautiful, but every once in a while we experience hiccups which we work out. These misunderstandings make the relationship stronger as we learn what pleases our partner and also to avoid what doesn’t.

However, there are some habits we may unintentionally carry out that are detrimental to our relationships. To our credit, most of us are unaware these habits are harmful so we are shocked and hurt when a relationship that started out so right suddenly hits the rock.

Here are seven damaging relationship habits to look out for and avoid:

1. Watching too Much Porn
Nobody ever benefited from watching porn. If anything, it actually does more harm than good in several little ways.

First off, watching porn gives you a distorted and unrealistic view of sex. You come to expect the same techniques and styles you see on screen from your partner and with this, sexual dissatisfaction sets when they fail to live up to this expectation.

Secondly, it gradually reduces your arousal for your partner over time and soon they may be unable to get you aroused.

2. Being Secretive About Your Past
Your past is never really in the past. In a progressive relationship, you both get to that point where you let into your inner sanctuary. In some cases, sensitive secrets are revealed and only a few relationships survive this phase.

Because of this, most people with such sensitive secrets decide to hold off on revealing these secrets and this is when things go south.

3. Failing to Communicate How You Feel about Issues

Almost every relationship will thrives on open communication. Bottling your grievances in when your partner offends you is destructive as it mostly leads to resentment, a silent killer of relationships.

People in healthy relations have a healthy form of communicating their feelings to each other instead of bottling them in to fester.

4. Reaching Out to Your Ex
For some people, an ex is just that- someone in the past and stays so. A few others are adventurous and carry on a friendship with their, especially if the relationship ended on good terms. While saying hi to your ex if you happen to run into each other is socially mature, making deliberate efforts to cultivate a close friendship with them could be detrimental.

The harm in this is that it gives room for temptation which could suddenly creep up unannounced.

It’ll also make your partner insecure, making them wonder if you both still have a thing for each other.

5. Neglecting Your Partner

Almost all relationships where one partner is neglected will hit the rock. This is because as people we need constant companionship, especially in a romantic relationship. When a person who’s supposed to be a companion to you fails to spend quality time with you, you start to feel lonely and it opens you up to a lot of anger or temptation.

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