7 Diet Secrets You Should Know


A lot of things can make you gain a few extra pounds and some of these are your lifestyle habit, aging, and pregnancy. For some women, it is a constant battle to keep the weight off; you embark on a diet that leaves you feeling you’ve been through the grind, only to pick the weight back up a few weeks later.

If you find you struggle with keeping your weight in check, here are 7 diet secrets to try out:

1. Do Not Skip Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is needed for your system to function optimally after a 10-15 hours fast.

Skipping breakfast in a bid to lose weight is actually counter-productive as it makes you extra hungry and you are more likely to overeat all through the day. It also causes spikes in your blood sugar levels which increases your risk of a coronary heart disease.

2. Eat Dinner Early

Eating late of itself may likely not make you fat if you consume the right food. However, most late night ‘snackers’ add weight due to the type of food they go for at that time of night.

Being too tired to cook a healthy meal, they usually go for quick foods like ice cream and other such junk that are readily available. These foods are high in calories and since they go right back to sleep after the meal, the body doesn’t get enough time to use up the calories as energy, making it get stored as fat.

3. Take a Glass of Grape Fruit Juice along with Your Meals

Take a glass of grape fruit juice 15-20 minutes before any meal. This will give you a feeling of fullness and make you eat less. You could cut back as much as 30 calories per meal.

Alternatively, you can also chew on one half of the grape fruit before your meal to get the same result.

4. Cut Down on Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, now might be a good time to have it unsweetened. While a little sugar is healthy, too much of it can mess with your hormones, and one of these hormones is the leptin hormone which signals your brain when you’ve had enough to eat.

With it being messed up, you are bound to eat to eat more than you should.

5. Start with Veggies

Make half your meals a combination of your favourite veggies. Not only will this quench half your hunger, it is also healthy for your body.

Next, go for protein and end with some starchy food, this way, you are taking in just enough starch for your meal to be a balanced diet, but not enough for you to pack on the weight.

6. Go for the 80-20 Rule

A diet plan doesn’t have to be so stringent it becomes hard to follow. You should eat healthy protein, vegetables, and fruits eighty percent of the time. This leaves you free to snack on foods of your choice 20% of the time without any lasting repercussion.

7. Make Water Your Best Friend

A glass of water is more healthy and does a whole lot more than a glass of your favourite carbonated drink. Not only does water aid digestion and hydrate you from within, it also helps you maintain or lose weight.

Water also boosts your metabolism and makes you feel full.

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