7 Best Paying Jobs for Women

best paying jobs for women

Most industries are dominated by men and women have to work twice as hard to be recognized for their input. In most of these industries, men out-earn women on the average, even when they hold down the same positions.

A recent study carried out also shows that women hold only about 26% of highly paid jobs and 71% of lower paid ones.

However, there are specific careers considered best and fitting for women and they are more likely to earn more in these, being in their comfort zone. Here are seven of the best paying jobs for women:

1. Teaching

If you love impacting knowledge, then this is just the job for you. It used to be teaching was one of the poorly paid careers and people shied away from it. Now teachers are recognized and well remunerated for their efforts.

A lot of teachers also take private lessons by the side where they earn an average of 40,000-100,000. This is a fitting career and one of the best paying jobs for women.

2. Interior Decorator

This is yet another best paying job for women. Interior decorators are well sought after by individuals and organizations alike for their designing skills and could make upward of a hundred and fifty thousand naira on the average.

3. Market Research Analyst

Every company needs research to stay relevant in the industry and seek out the services of market research analysts. Market research analysts charge by the hour and could bill between $20-$25 per hour.

This job can be done from anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. This research can be done via the internet or locally, the data collated, and then sent to your client.

This career, besides being one of the best paying jobs for women, is also one that will give you ample time to pursue other interests.

4. Interpreter

72% of interpreters or translators are women and although the main reason for this remains unexplained, it is believed most project managers prefer women to men.

On average, interpreters earn $20-$40 dollars an hour. So if you know a few languages, you should look into offering your skills as a female interpreter.

5. Social Media Strategist

Social media management is one more best paying job for women you should look into.

The world is now a global village and brands have come to understand the importance of social media in building their brands.

You can offer your services as a social media strategist via micro job sites like freelancer or through word of mouth .

6. Nurses

90% of nurses are women and again there is no explained reason for this. Also, while there is no fixed earning rate for nurses, most Federal Teaching hospitals pay nurses 350,000 per month, although these nurses have spent a considerable number of years in active service to qualify for this payrate.

7. Event Planners

Planning events is no easy feat and most event planners charge a 100,000- 200,000 per event.

This career also falls into the category of one of the best jobs for women as you can get multiple event jobs to earn a tidy amount each month.

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