5 Ways Women are Stronger than Men

Strong black woman
Strong black woman

This article is in no way sexist or one intended to bash the menfolk. The men in our lives are actually important to us and we love them very much. It is written with a lightness and intended to be read as a fun material.

So here are five ways women are way stronger than men:

1. We Go Through Labour Pain

I just had to put this as number one. Labour pain is the real deal! There’s a popular argument that if men gave birth, couples would have no more than a child each.

Birthing my daughter was an experience; I went to heaven and back again (figuratively speaking) during my 17 hours labour and six hours in the delivery room. And yes, I opted for natural delivery, no epidural whatsoever. Was I trying to feel like superwoman? I truly don’t know, but natural labour is not something I’ll be willing to try again in a hurry.

The human body can withstand about 45 del of pain and labour happens to be 57 del. This explains why most of us lose it temporarily in the labour ward as we try to bring our child into the world.

2. We Handle Emotional Pain Better

Most of us go through a lot emotionally and still wear a strong demeanor, ready to take on the world each day. For others, it is a daily struggle to be or to ensure their children are catered for and well nurtured.

3. We Handle Stress Better

We both come back from work bone tired and dying to hit the sack, but we have to make sure dinner is ready and we also plan ahead to make sure breakfast will be served.

4. We Can Handle More than One Project at a Time

Yea, we are pros at multi-tasking. Actually, we have very little choice here as there’s so much to be done and so very little time. I guess multi-tasking is our own way of adapting to a difficult situation so we don’t collapse from the stress.

5. We are Better Money Managers

And that’s because we are better at spending it too. Men if the money stays with you we will keep coming back with more household needs until we see empty palms. What better way to ensure the family money is spread through the month than to make us your financial managers with a stiff instruction not to come for more until the next month.

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