5 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Spicy

A lot of marriages start out great; filled with love, laughter, and lots of fun time together. But over time, spending so much time locked up with the same person can make the fun start to wear out and get you to that boring state. If you are at that stage, here are some tried and trusted way to spice up your marriage:

1. Set Aside a Date Date/ Night

Married couples are the most guilty of taking each other for granted. You have this person already tied to you for life; he’s going nowhere so you see no reason to continue courting. But what you should realise is love is a living thing which must be fed to grow. If you get too busy for each other, you will wake up one day to realize you are now married to a stranger.

2. Maintain Your Individuality

We pick up habits and little idiosyncrasies of people we spend a lot of time with. This happens with couples who have been married several years; they don’t just have a lot of habits in common, they start to look alike.

While it is inevitable to pick up some of each other’s ways, you might want to keep some of yours to maintain your individuality. Have your own group of friends separate from your mutual friends, run an individual bank account, and keep your own interests.

3. Surprise the Other with Affectionate Actions

Remember the time your husband did something that pulled at yiur heartstring? Well, now is the time to reciprocate in kind. Do something out of the blues for your him; something he leasts expect but would be thrilled at.

4. Turn Up the Sexy

Yea, enough with those nursing-mother type nighties. Invest in some eye-popping, jaw-dropping nighties that will have your man gunning for you.

Send him a text saying how you miss and can’t wait for him to come make you a woman. Drop hints of what you will do to him that night and watch him break the speed record to get back to you.

5. Make Time for Fun and Play

If you play together, you will grow together. Make out time to just have fun with each other. Your spouse is supposed to be your bestfriend; one you share your joys, fears, and sorrows with. We ladies love to gist. Make him your ‘amebo’ partner and give him the gist your own style.

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