5 Reasons Your Period May Delay and its Not Pregnancy

delayed period

Late period? It most likely isn’t pregnancy, so fear not. If you have been with your calendar, a pen in hand, trying to calculate and rationalize why your period is late, then you can relax as the reason may fall into any of these five listed.

1. Stress
The body hates stress in all forms and will react in a lot of ways, one of which is delayed period for women. If you are under any kind of stress, emotional or physical, you may want to have the stressor removed asap!

2. Illness
Illnesses mess with your body make-up and this could delay your period. If you fall ill during the period your body releases an egg (ovulation), your body would naturally hold on until you are better before it goes into ovulation.

3. Erratic Weight Issues
Drastic and noticeable weight gain or loss can affect your ovulation and consequently, when you get your period.

4. Peri Menopause
Yes, sister, this can cause some delays too. It simply means you are transitioning from reproductive years to non-reproductive ones. But have no fear, peri menopause usually occurs 10 to 15 years before the actual menopause.

5. A Noticeable Change in Your Routine
If you suddenly had a noticeable change in your regular routine, then you most like will also have a resulting change in your body system and ovulation cycle.

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