5 Easy Ways to Get Sagging Breasts Firm Again

sagging breasts
Sagging breasts

Every woman wants firm, perky breasts, but sadly sagginh breasts is inevitable and even the firmest of breasts will sag after a while. While most breasts wont sag until much later in life, for some women, this start to occur much earlier; in their forties.

Some Things That Cause Sagging Breasts

Our breasts are made up of fats and tissues and will sag if the right care is not given. Some top habits or conditions that cause sagging breasts include:

– Childbirth
– Breastfeeding
– Nutrient Deficiency
– Rapid Weight Gain or Weight Loss
– Menopause
– Strenuous Exercise Activities
– Wearing the Wrong Bra
– Aging
– Breast Cancer
– Respiratory Diseases (like tuberculosis)

How to Firm Up Sagging Breasts

The good news is that sagging breasts can be made firm again with some consistent efforts. There are creams and herbs that promise this firmness and go on to deliver on their promises.

Besides these, a change in your lifestyle or habits can also see those sagging breasts becoming firm again.

Here are some easy and natural ways to firm up your breasts once again:

1. Wear the Correct Bra

This goes without saying. Your breasts need the correct support to remain firm and perky and wearing the right bra will achieve this. A good bra in the right size will give your breast tissues the support they need to remain firm.

You should also opt for a bra with a wide straps as these give more support to your breasts.

2. Don’t Sleep on Your Breasts

You also shouldn’t sleep on your breasts as doing continually cause them to change shape. Sleeping on your side without a pillow to support your breasts is also not recommended because your breasts tissues get stretched and sag overtime.

3. Don’t Go Bra-less

While it might be fun or sexy even to go without a bra, not wearing one for an extended period of time will stretch your breast tissues, making them sag.

However, while you want to prevent sagging breasts and need to wear a bra often, it is recommended you don’t wear one for more than 12 hours daily as doing this increases your risks of breast cancer.

4. Wear a Sports Bra to Do Sports

Sports or any strenuous activities that causes movement in your chest region can cause sagging breasts, which is why you should pick and wear a good supportive sports bra during sports.

5. Carry Out Regular Breasts Massages

Three to five times a week. This is the recommended number of times you should carry out a massage on your breasts to prevent them from sagging.

These massages won’t just prevent sagging breasts, they also reduce your risks of a breast cancer as stagnated fluid in your breasts gets released, giving you great health.

Other Remedies for Sagging Breasts include:

– Ice Massage:

Use an ice cube to massage your breasts in a circular motion for a minute or two. This will make your breast tissues contract, making them firm up.

– Olive Oil Massage

This remedy is also great for sagging breasts as it contains antioxidant which will repair the damage done by free radicals.

– Aloe Vera

This healing juice reduces and reverses sagging breasts as it also contains antioxidant that works to reverse the damage done to your breasts.

Apply aloe vera juice to your breasts and massage. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes then wash off.

– Always assume the right posture. Sit or stand straight as slouching as been known to cause sagging breasts.

– Apply a sunscreen, especially to any exposed part of your body when leaving the house.

– Drink a lot of water daily as this hydrates you and also prevents sagging breasts.

While we can’t prevent nature from performing its work and stop our breasts from responding to gravity, we can reduce how fasts our breasts sag or get them firm again if they are already saggy.

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