5 Baby Myths and Facts You Should Know

happy baby

1. Myth: Eating of groundnut will affect your baby’s eyes and make her cross-eyed. Fact: Eating of ground has absolutely no negative effect on your baby.

2. Myth: If you eat snails while pregnant your baby will end up with a drooling problem. Fact: The snail you eat gets digested and only the nutrients from it get to your baby.

3. Myth: If you breastfeed while having malaria, you will transfer these pathogens to your baby. Fact: malaria and typhoid cannot be transferred via breastmilk.

4. Myth: You’ll fall inlove with your baby as soon as he gets placed in your arms. Fact: while you’d certainly feel a strong connection with your baby, the actual love comes with time as you both get to know each other.

5. Myth: If you breastfeed while you are sick your baby will pick up whatever ails you. Fact: When you fall sick your body produces antibodies to combat this sickness. You also transfer these antibodies to your baby each time you breastfeed so he most likely won’t fall ill. If he does, it will be a much milder version of what you have and he’d already have the antibodies to help fight it.

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