27 Fun and Interesting Facts about Babies

Babies are amazing and being around one or having a little one of your own can fill you with such protective love you marvel. With their cuteness comes some fun and amazing facts about babies that will wow you.

Here are 27 fun and interesting facts about babies:

1. A baby is unable to taste salt until four months of age.

2. Babies have 300 bones, however some get fused together to become 206 in adulthood.

3. A newborn baby pees every 20 minutes.

4. Every three seconds, a baby gets born somewhere in the world.

5. 353,000 babies get born daily.

6. Babies have no kneecap when they are born and only begin to develop one at 6 months of age.

7. Babies have about 30,000 taste buds, three times the number in adults.

8. 80% of babies get born with a kind of birthmark, though some lose theirs as they grow.

9. Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.

10. Female babies spend a day longer in the womb (putting on make-up, I guess).

11. A baby’s weight increases 3,000 million times from conception to birth at nine months.

12. Newborn babies have just one cup of blood in their system.

13. A newborn baby recognizes its mother’s voice from the womb.

14. Within 10 minutes of being born, a baby’s hearing becomes so honed he can determine the source of a sound.

15. Most babies lose all their hair within three to four months of age to regrow all back within a year.

16. Babies get born with the innate desire to put everything in their mouth.

17. Babies laugh an average of 300 times daily while adults laugh 60 times (who’d have thought role models could be so little!).

18. Babies prefer high-pitched to low-pitched voices.

19. All babies are born with blue eyes which change as they grow.

20. Babies are ambidextrous and will use both hands equally up until they are a year old.

21. A baby in the womb uses one hand more than the other and this continues much later as he grows.

22. A baby in the womb develops his finger prints at three months.

23. A baby’s chances of survival outside the womb starts from 6 months and increases with each extra month he stays cushioned in there.

24. The foreskin taken from babies during circumcision are known to have been used in cosmetic surgery for burn victims.

25. Your baby shares a birthday with 9 million other people around the world.

26. A child has a 45% chance of being left-handed if both parents are left-handed.

27. Ambidextrous people are quick to anger and easily swayed.

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