21 Amazing Ways to Prepare Yam

yam and akakara

Most of us hate monotonous cooking, but coming up with ideas of what to cook can prove tricky sometimes. So, if you find yourself with such difficulty, here are a few fun ways to prepare yam and spice up your cooking:

1. Boiled Yam with stew
2. Fried Yam with Stew
3. Roasted Yam with Egg Sauce
4. Yam and Pepper Soup
5. Ojojo
6. Pounded Yam (with any soup of your choice)
7. Yam and Akara
8. Boiled Yam with Egg Sauce
9. Yam Porridge
10. Yam and Beans
11. Boiled Yam with Garden Egg Sauce
12. Yam and Plantain Porridge
13. Ukodo
14. Yam and Owho Soup
15. Baked Yam (grated, mixed with ingredients and baked or steamed)
16. Yam with Vegetable Source
17. Roasted Yam with Garden Egg Sauce
18. Roasted Yam with Stew
19. Roasted Yam with Fried Egg (Egg Sauce)
20. Roasted Yam with Akara
21. Roasted Yam with Salted Palm Oil

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