20 Side Business Ideas You Can Start Alongside Your Job (Part 2)

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11. Blogging
You must have heard of the blogging queen Linda ikeji and how she makes millions everyday from the comfort of her home. If you also would love to buy a multi-million naira house (that’s my daily motivation for running this blog haha) in Banana Island just like her, then join us bloggers and establish a blog too.

But I must warn you; its not as easy as its made to seem. It is a lot of hard work, but with some determination and dedication, you can still buy that house.

12. Domain Flipping
Domain flipping is just about one of the easiest ways to make money online. This side business involves buying a domain and reselling for a profit. Alternatively, you can buy an existing or an expired domain (your best bet) and sell off after a while.

13. Website Flipping
This is just like domain flipping, but involves selling websites. So, you build a website (or get someone to build one for you) and sell off after a while for a profit.

14. Domain Parking
With domain parking, you get a domain name and register with a domain parking company where you earn money from adverts. These companies park your domain and place adverts on it and you earn each time someone clicks on the adverts.

15. Work on Freelancer, Fiverr
Freelancer and Fiverr are two huge platforms that connect workers and employers. These markets are two of the largest and you can sell just about any skill. Just sign up on any of them and offer your services.

16. Sell photographs
With a good camera, you can grin to the bank. That’s because you can become a photographer and sell your pictures online. Take good quality pictures of just about anything worthwhile and upload to sites that sell pictures. You’ll make money each time any of your photographs gets downloaded.

17. Become a YouTuber
Youtubers are also making money alongside their day jobs or as a sole business. The way it works, upload a quality video, build your subscriber base and partner with youtube. YouTube places adverts in or around your videos and you earn each time these adverts get viewed or clicked.

18. Build an App
As a web developer, you can also build apps and put them up for sale.

19. Become a Writer on Nairaland
Nairaland is the largest forum in Nigeria where people search for savvy writers among other things. Offer your services there to start making money.

20. Sell on Okadabooks
Remember that short story you wrote once but discarded when you were done? Well, you might have missed out on a chance to earn from your writing skills. If you are a good writer, then you can sell your books on one of Nigeria’s largest ebook stores online.

Do you have any other idea of a side business you can do alongside your day job? Please let us know about it in the comment section.

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