20 Side Business Ideas You Can Start Alongside Your Job (Part 1)

Working for yourself and building a thriving business is rewarding financially and emotionally. You also get to set your working hours yourself, doing so in a way that you still have the time to tend to your kids and get some important chores done around the house. So if you need a good business idea to start alongside your full-time job here are 20 side business ideas to choose from.

1. Web Design
This is a job you can do with ease in your spare time: after work hours and weekends and make tons of money. You would need to get trained though before you start.

2. Web Development
Web development services go hand-in-hand with web design and also requires you get trained. You can work both online and offline with this skill.

3. Graphics Design
Almost every company needs a graphics designer to design advert copies or materials for the company’s website. You can also offer your services online to people or companies who need it.

4. Ebook Sale
Ebook sales are all the rave these days. The way it works, you write extensively on an idea you have knowledge on and offer the book for sale online or offline. There are several platforms you can sell your books. These include:

– kdp.amazon.com
– draft2digital.com

5. Instalgram Marketing
Lots of businesses are eager to build their brand presence online and this is where you come in. You can help them achieve this for a fee.

6. Reselling Amazon Products
Amazon is one of the largest online markets with tons of products for sale. You can sign up to resell one or more of these products on your blog or website and earn a commission when someone buys a product through your blog.

7. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is selling people’s product for them. You can sign up for one or more to sell these products.

8. Virtual Assistant
If you are very organized with a knack to get things done, then the job of a virtual assistant is for you. Approach companies or people and recommend yourself as a virtual assistant to get certain tasks done for them.

9. Social Media Manager
Most companies have an online presence and would love to maintain a constant presence online. This is where you come in to help them manage their online presence on the various social media platforms (Instalgram, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

10. Sell on E-commerce Sites
There is so much that can be done online these days and one of these is selling. If you have a product, then you can enlarge your market base by getting people online. Some sites you can sell your products on are:


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