18 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

how to sooth a crying baby

All babies cry. Its their own way of communicating their needs to those around them. Also, each cry signifies a particular need that should be met before they become calm. In the first few weeks of your baby’s birth, it can be frustrating trying to decipher what she wants when she cries. Over time though, you get the hang of it and calming your baby becomes a breeze.

Here are 18 Ways to Sooth Your Crying or Distressed Baby.

1. Feed her
This is one of the most common reasons babies cry. Feeding her usually solves this problem and gets her playing again.

2. Help Her Sleep
While some babies can drift off to sleep when they feel it coming, a few others need some assistance. You may need to straddle her or carry her in her favourite position to help her along.

3. Check Her Diaper
A dirty diaper could be making your baby uncomfortable, hence unhappy and a change will get her happy again.

4. Change Her Position
She may be tired of that position and wants you to change her.

5. Check to See She’s Warm
Being cold will also make her cry out. Babies need a layer of clothing more than adults. Make her warm and comfortable.

6. Hold Her
She could be lonely and need the comfort of a warm body around. Hold her in your arms and speak lovingly to her.

7. Use a Pacifier
A pacifier will keep her busy, hence stop the cry.

8. Burp Her
She may not have burped from the last feed and this could be making her uncomfortable. Place her in the burp position and wait for that quiet air-releasing sound.

9. Sing to Your Baby
Most babies love songs, especially if these you sang these songs while they were in the womb.

10. Talk to Her
If she’s experiencing some separation anxiety then talk to her to assure her of your presence.

11. Turn On the Ceiling Fan
Babies are fascinated by the motion of the ceiling fan. Turn it on to the lowest and get her to watch it.

12. Use a Rattle
Give her a favourite rattle.

13. Rock Her
Place her over your shoulder and gently rock her

14. Check Your Diet
What you eat passes unto your baby when you breastfeed. Certain food may be creating havoc with your baby’s still developing system and you may need to identify and eliminate these food from your diet.

15. Give a Bath
Work with the weather and give your baby a bath accordingly. In extreme heat, you might want to give your baby a cool bath and a slightly hot one in cold weather.

16. Check Her Formula
Study her formula to be sure she isn’t reacting to it. Change from lactose to soya if you find out she is.

17. Give a Teething Ring or Use Ice
Your baby could be crying from the pain of teething. Give her a teething ring to nibble on as this will scratch her aching gum. You could also rub some ice on it to numb out the pain.

18. Do a Swivel Dance
Around the room with your baby held securely in your arms.